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European Research Associates is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary this year. We would like to say a big thank you to all our members, associates and clients that have made the past years a big success for this network of excellence.


To all who are visiting us for the first time, a big welcome to you!  We hope that you will be a part of our success story as we start a new phase, which judging from the first, promises to be a challenging one.

Below are some notes on our activities.

We are developing the  careers of our members. We are encouraging joint and cooperative research to generate synergies. We are pooling together the best resources and brain-power for the benefit of European research. The quest for excellence starts here.


To learn more and join our effort, please follow this link.

We act as facilitators for researchers by providing research management services and the necessary infrastructure and framework to help in alleviating the burdensome aspects which often take too much time from researchers. This helps them not only to identify partners but also to organise the terms and scope of their partnership..


To learn more and join our effort, please follow this link

We are providing a very useful and pragmatic internship programme for young researchers as part of their preparations for launching into their professional career lives. We are ensuring the relevance and robustness of their internship by designing for and with them, projects which are jointly developed by academics, industry and research network.


To learn more on this service, please follow this link.

We are providing study and research services to clients - especially to European Union institutions on various topics that are of great importance to Europe. For ten years, we have carried out several studies and afforded members of the network the opportunity to participate in EU-sponsored studies. We have a very impressive track record of high quality results.


To learn more on this service, please follow this link.